How to upgrade to PS

Step by Step How to upgrade to PS 

You can do it easily, just watch this VDO and follow instruction below step by step.

  1. Click “Account” icon. (picture looked like top part of human) at the right-hand lowest corner.

  2. Click UPGRADE button in Account section to enter into Purchase Gift Pack you can select product.

  3. Select your Preferred Product Set for upgrade (price 40.41SGD) (if currency is not SGD, change country to Singapore)

  4. Click Buy Now to purchase “Preferred Product” to Upgrade to Preferred Shopper (PS)

  5. Click “Sure”

  6. Click “Buy Now”

  7. Add Registered Address then tick / mark at address.

  8. Click “Submit order”

  9. Select Payment Method

Click! Register Fingo
Click! Register Fingo