How to register Fingo

How to registration Fingo step by step

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1. Registration Fingo Application via website link

Completely fill in all information according to picture Step 3 details as follows;
3.1 Click at flag icon then select Singapore flag
3.2 Enter your mobile phone number.
3.3 Click 'Send Verification Code' and 6 digits code will be sent to your mobile phone.
3.4 Enter such “6 digits code” in “Verification Code”
3.5 Create a password of your choice (You must remember for yourself further use.)
3.6 Click “Sign up” to finish Fingo Registration steps.

2. After you finish Fingo Registration, you can join Fingo Application by these steps as follows;

Get the fingo app down load from the Google Play or Play Store
Step 2 Details as picture below
2.1 Click “Account” icon (picture looked like top part of human) at the right-hand lowest corner.
2.2 Click Don’t have account “Sign up”
Step 3 Details as picture below
After click as 2.2. mobile phone screen will show panel as picture below.
Click “Log in”
Step 4 Details as picture below
4.1 Click at flag icon then select Singapore flag
4.2 Enter your mobile phone number that you registered Fingo Application.
4.3 Enter your password you set up in Fingo Registration step.
4.4 Click “Log in”
Click! Register Fingo
Click! Register Fingo