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How to generate income from Fingo Application?

As soon as you registered Fingo Application and upgrade to open your E-hypermart with Fingo, You will immediately be received

  1. The selected product listed as 'PREFERRED PRODUCT' in a gift set that you selected such as vacuum cleaners, luggages, watches, car cameras or many other products those are regularly and continuously updated for you to consider.
  2. Discount cash voucher 1,500 baht can be used as a discount for all products in other next purchases on Fingo application.
  3. Invitation code to start your online e-hypermart business and to share with others whom mutually generate income.

You can generate income by sharing your e-hypermart invitation code in Fingo Application.Fingo now have more than 20,000 items --direct wholesale from producers-- to provide lower retail prices for shoppers. (Most items have free delivery services).Whenever, shoppers who register Fingo through your shared link make purchase their products through your e-hypermart invitation code, you will get 10-15.6% commission of such product rebate.Preferred Shopper status is like opening your own an e-hypermart online department store without any needing to operate about selling. Everything is managed by FINGO.All you need to do is just to recommend and share your e-hypermart online department store link only. In addition, you have privilege to recommend online sellers whom are interested or want to open their own online store with their own link like you.You can get more referral fee and training allowance for each branch online store development according to your accomplishment and status.


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Why you should select to generate income from FINGO Application?

Fingo Application are entrepreneurial opportunities that everyone can join, easily registration, quickly generate income. You can be your own boss with zero cost, no need to invest and stock up products. You don’t have to worry about shipping or delivery. You can generate income online 24 hours even if you are sleeping. You can continuously receive income any time anywhere either you are doing your regular work or you have a free time or unemployed. You need just a mobile phone and an internet connection only.

  • Open your own business opportunity with the easiest and fastest way to generate income. Just only use your mobile phone and share Fingo after you registered Fingo Application. You will have your own an e-hypermart online department stores that have more than 30,000 product items and there is no need for product investment, stock up or delivery products.
  • Fingo will be your own 24-hour e-hypermart online department store. You will receive you real time income into your wallet even if you are sleeping.
  • Fingo continuously gives passive income into your wallet even if you stop to work.
  • Fingo is the way you can achieve financial freedom any time anywhere either you are doing your regular work or you have a free time or unemployed.


Fingo Application Investment compare with Invest in a 7-Eleven convenient store.

Open Fingo online store or Register Fingo Application
  1. Open Fingo online department stores or Register Fingo Application use only 41SGD
  2. Develop more branch online department stores without any extra payment.
  3. Fingo e-hypermart online department stores have more than 30,000 product items
  4. High income even if there are competitors. However, no effect in our organizational income.
  5. Easily develop overseas markets, just use your finger tip.


Open a 7-Eleven Convenient Store.
  1. Open a 7-Eleven Convenient Store, need 180,000-220,000SGD
  2. Branch development requires an additional 180,000-220,000SGD per branch.
  3. In a 7-Eleven Convenient Store has 8,000 - 9,000 product items.
  4. If your income is high, competitors will come to open 7-Eleven beside you immediately, your income will decrease. 
  5. Never develop non-local markets


Clip video guide described information related to Fingo Company and Fingo operation.

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Click! Register Fingo